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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

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How to crack IAS Prelims in 100 Days?

To crack IAS Prelims in 100 days you need a dedicated well-approached study plan, hard work and sincerity. Here we present you a strategy on how to use these last 50 days of your Prelims preparation.

First and foremost, plan your work and follow it sincerely. Make a timetable, which suits you. It is recommended that you devote 9-hours to studies every day. Rather than trying to complete a subject try to manage your time for all subjects – every day. Revision is very important and so are notes. Make proper notes of every concept that you feel is difficult or important. Revise your notes every day.

Secondly taking mocks is one of the most important aspects for preparation. It is suggested that students should take one mock each day. Taking mocks not only helps you manage your time but also introduces you to new questions. The more mocks you take the more questions you get introduced to. This would make a big difference. The aim is for aspirant to practice mock exams in a timed environment with negative marking. It is not recommended to learn MCQs from photocopies or pdfs, because this would not help to avoid mistakes you are likely to make in the exam hall.

You should attempt previous year UPSC question papers in a timed environment and equally important is that you practice of UPSC previous year question papers. Also, while doing mock exams, always follow various strategies.

By the end of the 60th day, you should have a good understanding of all the concepts you have prepped for. It means that you should at least be thorough with the basic concepts. Track your improvement while solving mock exams. The main priority is to focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Spend sufficient time to analyze the results, learning zone, and performance reports. In the final 10 days, you should ideally Revise Mock Exams, UPSC Question Papers, and your notes Attempt and revise previous year UPSC questions. Revise the notes you already made for Prelims. Please try and make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours.

With a confident and a focused mind everything is achievable. Believe in yourself and remember everything is possible. Give it your 100% all the best.

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