IAS Academy in Tambaram | How to crack UPSC Prelims in 50 days

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

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Strategy for preparations of UPSC Prelims in 50 Days:

  1. To crack UPSC Prelims in 50 days you need a dedicated well-approached study plan.

  2. First and foremost students need to go through the syllabus for every subject thoroughly.

  3. You should have a brief idea about IAS exam.

  4. Note down everything you need to study.

  5. You need to divide these days into two parts.

  1. First, the Days required for the static part

  2. Second, the days required for the dynamic part

  3. Prepare an ideal timetable for each part

  4. You have to make sure that you complete all the important topics in all the subjects first.

  5. Start with those subjects which is difficult for you and practice the questions as much as you can. Remember if you want to fly you need to leave the ground.

  6. Go through previous year question paper, model test papers/mock papers, practice papers and the likes

  7. Take one mock test daily. If possible, try to solve subject-related papers like History question paper for 4 days, Economy paper for 4 days, and then allocate time for full mock test.

  8. It is really important that you go through your mistakes and get them corrected in the next mock without fail because then only the mock tests will be useful

  9. Your whole focus should be on the preparations and avoid distractions of any sort

  10. Make sure you complete it within two weeks from now so that the last 30 days are meant to be only for hardcore revision

  11. And one more important aspect for your preparations is that you avoid junk food, eat healthy.

  12. Sleep early and wake up early as exhausted mind will not help you retain what you have learned

  13. Do not waste time on many toppers videos and motivational videos at this point

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